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  • Name: David
  • Age: 26
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: Ramsgate UK
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Music I listen to

I like a bit of everythin really. Ke$ha is by far my favourite at the moment. Lady Gaga, Cascada, Glee. Whatever the kids listen to nowadays i pretty much like

Movies I like

Cirque du Freak, Vampire's Assistant, obviously. Amazing film. Will watch it many times
I LOVE horror movies. I will watch pretty much any horror movie but the newer ones SUCK!!!!! Scream is pretty much the latest horror film i like. Friday the 13th part 1 scares me when the killer does the voice at the end, any horror film with ghosts in that are actually realistic scare me. The advert for that  film the univited scares me more than i could describe when the mother says 'murderer' in that VERY scary voice. I love comedies, Jim carrey used to be my favourite but he's lost his touch as with most funny actors.
Bottom is by far the best comedy in the universe and if you have any sense of humour check it out, especially the tours. number 3 hooligans island has one of the funniest lines ive EVER heard but is a tad to rude to be repeated here.

Me chums

screamahh has 36 friend(s)

Interesting facts about me

Hi, dont really have many intersestin facts about myself. I'm not really that interesting.
Errrrm, love the darren shan books, i have never read a book by choice apart from these and from reading Lord Loss i bought all 12 Saga books, demon thief and slawter in about a month and had read them all in a few weeks. Re-read the saga and the demonata once (and thats literally my first time re-reading anything!!!)
I am writin a novel, I would say more but i prefer to keep people guessing, ask if curious though and i will reveal.
Well, thats about it. Feel free to befriend me.

My recent posts

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My media

Speak to me all are welcome


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    Friendly Kudo for you!

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    Grafin drachen

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    Hey im curious about your novels, email some of it to me :) just a sneak preview [email protected]
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    nice avatear mate
  5. 10/13/08

    where abouts are u writing ut noverl ?? on the chit chat section ???????
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    Grafin drachen

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    Hey! Welocme ot the gang... And thank you for the compliment on my artwork. Hope to see you around :)
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